Aims and objectives

Too many Organizations start with a list of activities and then work backwards from that to give the appearance of strategy. In contrast, African Centre for Health Policy Research and Analysis (ACH-PRA) has been built on strategy from the beginning. We shall start with our vision of the change we wish to see in the continent and filter it through our model of social change.


To become a center of excellence in health policy research and analysis, resource and infrastructure analysis and advocacy on prudent use of resources for effective, equitable and sustainable healthcare delivery in Africa


To be the leading civil society provider of impartial health care system assessments, alternative policy proposals and specialist consultancy services in the area of health care through innovative knowledge generation, credible data, research, synthesis and dissemination.  


To be the leading evidence-based think tank on healthcare systems in Africa

       Values of African Centre for Health Policy Research and Analysis (ACH-PRA)

African Centre for Health Policy Research and Analysis (ACH-PRA)’s vibrant and unique trade personality is defined and guided by the following values:

  1. Integrity is fundamental to all that we do

We recognize that our most valuable assets are our team members and their reputation for quality and integrity. Our corporate culture emphasizes the importance of the highest standards of ethics from all our team members in everything we do.


  1. A commitment to the highest standards

We remain committed to the highest standards of research methodological rigor in order to ensure that we continue to generate the most reliable and effective reports available from any source.

  • Building and maintaining long-term relationships

We treasure the long-term relationships we have with our clients. Therefore, we invest in a strategic understanding of each situation at hand in order to exceed our customers’ expectations and anticipate their changing needs.

  1. A culture of success and pride

We strive to be an organization to which our people are proud to belong. We set ambitious but realistic goals for our team members, provide them with support and opportunities for professional development, as well as recognize and reward their accomplishments.

  1. A supportive and rewarding work environment

We believe in nurturing a warm and progressive work environment that creates the highest levels of professionalism and integrity, supports creativity and interaction, as well as encourages openness and continuous learning.

  1. Diversity

We believe in equal opportunities for all people regardless of gender, ethnicity, national origins and personal creed. We value our diversity and the unique skills that all our team members bring.


The key objectives of African Centre for Health Policy Research and Analysis (ACH-PRA) is to create a service-based company whose primary goals are to:

  1. Provide a forum for high level healthcare policy research for national development;
  2. Provide professional analysis of healthcare policy, policy changes that impact the healthcare landscape, training, investment, and policy advocacy toward the efficient and transparent management of Africa’s healthcare sector;
  • Work with partners within and outside Africa to provide policy advice and technical assistance in policy formulation and evaluation to African governments on health policies.
  1. Support the development of a more robust civil society, better able to hold policymakers to account for health care decision-making; and
  2. Give citizens the knowledge and tools needed to engage more effectively in health care debates and influence positive policy developments.


African Centre for Health Policy Research and Analysis (ACH-PRA)’s keys to success include:

  1. A group of highly competent professionals with a broad range of specialty areas that complement each other;
  2. A high level of experience in these specialty areas; and
  3. A team approach on most consulting projects


Evaluating the impact of undertakings of this nature can be difficult. However, measuring progress in achieving the specific objectives above should serve as an instrument of evaluating success. This progress will be constantly monitored in relation to various key performance indicators and other available evidence including:

  1. Website metrics (including number of unique visitors).
  2. A basket of metrics to measure online influence and relative website importance.
  • The number of subscribers to our e-bulletin and social networks.
  1. User ratings on Facebook, Google Play and iTunes.

Funders and other interested parties can monitor this progress through publicly available quarterly evaluation reports. ACH-PRA is committed to full disclosure, transparency and accountability.

All our project proposals, budgets and internal evaluations shall be published online in full. This includes the quarterly evaluation reports, which anyone can read and hold us to account with. At the end of stage 2, a thorough evaluation will be carried out based on the collated data and additional qualitative information from:

  1. Feedback from the board of director;
  2. A survey of subscribers and website visitors;
  • Testimonials from thought leaders and opinion formers; and
  1. Feedback from funders/donors.

This evaluation will be used to develop the objectives for stage 3, as well as ensure that sufficient quality control is being achieved so that ACH-PRA’s outputs and activities remain useful and effective.