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The African Center for Health Policy Research and Analysis (ACH- PRA) is a startup nonprofit social policy foundation or “think tank,” with a new vision of how national health care developmental policies evolve and develop in the African continent. ACH- PRA seeks funding for research into the root of many of the health care problems that relevant authorities, governments, NGOs seek to address, beginning with the collection, collation and interpretation of information on health care systems that will produce balanced analysis and actionable proposals on health care policy matters, structure and infrastructure, and advocacy among others. ACH-PRA’s essential value proposition is found in its unique strategies to “continually transform the field and challenge the status quo” with the belief that developmental strides are achieved when the citizenry broadens its perspectives and accepts new ideas and approaches about what is valuable.
As described in this Proposal and Business Plan, ACH-PRA shall not just tell people what is happening in the health care system, we shall use analytical and scientific methods coupled with best practices in other jurisdictions to explain why it is happening and what are the likely implications. We shall respond to the health care system requirements against international standards and Civil Society Organizations in order to encourage collaborations within and beyond the traditional health care partners and actively engage analysts with expertise, experience and government backgrounds in order to harness those skillsets for the benefit of civil society.
ACH-PRA’s CEO and Directors consist of expert professionals who are excited about this new way of understanding health care. Organized as a nonprofit think tank, they are committed to change public opinion and influence the marketplace of ideas to achieve measurable goals on specific health care policy issues.
This Proposal and Business Plan outlines the vision, mission, and competitive advantages of ACH-PRA, the credentials and qualifications of its Founding Partners, its internal governance and structure, its strategy and tactics, and its sources and uses of funds.
Unlike more traditional think tanks, ACH-PRA will work directly to influence public opinion within targeted segments of the population where measurable progress can be achieved. From the beginning of our democratic dispensation, the Ghana government has been set up to “follow the people” and thus, it cannot “lead” until the majority of the populace is favorably disposed toward the wisdom of a given policy. ACH-PRA’s evolutionary perspective introduces a form of “expanded depth perception” that provides a new level of understanding which can be effectively employed to change public opinion and build political will in unprecedented ways.
ACH-PRA’s mission to be the leading civil society provider of impartial health care system assessments, alternative policy proposals and specialist consultancy services in the area of health care through innovative knowledge generation, credible data, research, synthesis and dissemination is connected to the larger goal of facilitating the development of human society and the improvement of the human condition. Indeed, it is primarily through the development of health care that humanity’s conditions have been improved from the beginning. And now by using the insights of the emerging evolutionary perspective to change minds and elevate values, significant health care progress can be achieved more effectively than ever before.

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  1. The health system in Ghana is sitting on a time bomb and if care is not taken we the ordinary people will suffer the effects

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