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Covid-19 in Ghana: The Containment and Prevention of Further Spread, How Prepared Are We?

Observations coupled with interactions with the relevant officials revealed that, the Northern Ghana is inadequately prepared for the fight against COVID-19. This is because health facilities and related agencies are limited by resource availability……Covid-19-Containment

Doctor Deficits in District Hospitals of the Northern Region of Ghana

In Ghana, doctor deficit is widespread in our hospitals, but much more evident in our district hospitals in comparison with one (1) doctor to 5000 patient ratio per the recommendations of the Commonwealth and the 1 doctor to 1,000 patients per the recommendations of the World Health Organization. Several factors are attributable to the prevalence […]

Traditional Medicine Policy

In Ghana successive governments have recognized the importance of traditional medicine. The formation of the Ghana Psychic and Traditional Healers Association in 1961 and the establishment of the Centre for Scientific Research into Plant Medicine in 1975 attest to this fact. Also in 1991 the government established a unit for the coordination of Traditional Medicine […]

Is Government contributing to the collapse of NHIS and its Partner Service Providers?

Is Government contributing to the collapse of NHIS and its Partner Service Providers? As of June 2018, the warning signs were very clear as several health facilities across the country threatened to withdraw services to NHIS cardholders and revert to the cash and carry system. But, politics took the best part of us and we […]

Extent of Implementation of Emergency Medical Guidelines in the Tamale Metropolis of the Northern Region, Ghana.

Regarding Citizens’ knowledge on Basic Life Support, the survey revealed that: Only 25% of citizens interviewed knew the first step to take in order to save a collapsed victim from further injuries; Just about 12% of the citizens interviewed knew the correct contact code for the National Ambulance Service; Only 16.3% of calls to the […]


The African Center for Health Policy Research and Analysis (ACH- PRA) is a startup nonprofit social policy foundation or “think tank,” with a new vision of how national health care developmental policies evolve and develop in the African continent. ACH- PRA seeks funding for research into the root of many of the health care problems […]